Ramsey Solutions is one of the largest employers in Williamson County, and regularly ranks as a Best Place to Work in Middle Tennessee. But perhaps you know Dave Ramsey best for his radio show, where “debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.”

We’re thrilled that Ramsey Solutions chose Berry Farms for their new $50 million headquarters campus. And based on the ground breaking party they threw this morning for employees and guests to commemorate the occasion, they’re pretty excited too. With the music and refreshments, and the hundreds of tailgating chairs facing the large stage, it felt more like Bonnaroo than a corporate event!

They also handed out little yellow shovels, which Ramsey told the crowd they would need later. “We expect all of you to get to work. We’ve figured out if you each work about six hours, we might save four and a half dollars on the grading bill. And we need every penny to make this deal work… Because in case you haven’t heard, we pay cash for stuff, and that’s a real pain in the butt on something this size.”

But in all seriousness, Ramsey also shared that “buildings are buildings, but they give us the ability to do the stuff that we do. And that’s why they’re important. We need the infrastructure…to pull off the service that we do together, and the hope that we extend together.”

Phase 1 of the Ramsey Solutions HQ campus will include a 50,000 square foot conference center and 200,000 square foot office building, which will feature a coffee shop and bookstore for guests watching The Dave Ramsey Show live in the studio. More than 1,000 Ramsey Solutions team members will work in that office building. The estimated move in date for the new headquarters is August 2019.

Future phases include two more large office buildings. There’s no word yet on when construction will begin on those, because “we are moving at the speed of cash,” Ramsey said. “Being debt free is not just something I talk about on the radio, and it’s not just for personal finance. Our company has always been debt free, and building a new campus will not change that. We are cash flowing the entire building process.”

Welcome to the Berry Farms family, Ramsey Solutions!

The Ramsey family breaking ground at Berry Farms.




By: Kristin Cales, July 27, 2017