Berry Farms is a unique community centered on connection – connection to neighbors, work, businesses, shopping, restaurants, and nature. The well-thought-out street design and walkways allow for easy access to the community amenities offered, as well as a seamless connection to the various neighborhoods within Berry Farms. Our goal is to connect the residents to the things that matter most, and to each other.

Berry Farms reflects the Boyle philosophy of great, sustainable communities that are economically sound, environmentally friendly and enhance the quality of life. For Boyle, this means taking the long-term view of even the smallest details, such as the curve of a sidewalk, the right street lamps, and the types of trees planted.

The result is a new classic way of living, working and playing that not only changes how a community looks, but how it feels. Because of this philosophy, Boyle takes great care in the management and maintenance of our properties, from landscaping and street sweeping, to safety measures, such as snow and ice removal services, to high-quality amenities. This attention to detail and level of care lends itself to an optimal residential, retail, and work environment.

Every home, retail building, and office building within the Berry Farms community goes through a strict architectural review process to ensure quality and historical accuracy since the homes and buildings in Berry Farms are based on the historical heritage and architecture of the City of Franklin. Berry Farms’ Town Architect, Historical Concepts, spearheads this review process and creates a standard of excellence within Berry Farms so that it is a community that fosters a true sense of place and stands out as an example of excellence both now and years from now.

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