Berry Farms Lifestyle

Berry Farms is built on the vision of connecting people to the things in their lives that are most meaningful. It is a community centered on making it easy for people to connect to their neighbors, to work, to businesses, to shopping, restaurants and nature. The well thought-out street design, walkways, bike paths and trails connect the various neighborhoods within the Berry Farms community, and ultimately, people to a strong sense of place.

Berry Farms reflects the Boyle philosophy of great, sustainable communities that are economically sound, environmentally friendly and enhance quality of life. For Boyle, this means taking the long-term view of even the smallest details, such as the curve of a sidewalk, the right street lamps and the types of trees that are planted.

The result is a new classic way of living, working and playing that not only changes how a community looks, but how it feels.

  • Events & Entertainment

    Events & Entertainment

    Life at Berry Farms is friendly, active and social.

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  • Farmers Market

    Farmers Market

    The Farmers Market at Berry Farms is a seasonal market that runs every Tuesday from May through October. Market hours are 3:00-6:00 pm and location is the Berry Farms Town Center.

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  • Pedestrian System

    Pedestrian System

    The pedestrian system at Berry Farms was thoughtfully planned to knit together the entire community with tree-lined streets, pedestrian-friendly walkways, and a trail system.

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  • Community Garden

    Community Garden

    A community garden will be part of the new amenity center in the Homestead section of Berry Farms. Coming soon.

  • Neighborhood Pools

    Neighborhood Pools

    Within walking distance of the residences are pools designed in a park-like setting for leisure, relaxation, play, and to connect with family and neighbors.

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  • Gathering Places & Open Spaces

    Gathering Places & Open Spaces

    At Berry Farms, the office and shopping districts, along with the residential neighborhoods, are all designed with unique public space to connect people with each other and the surrounding mixed-use environment.

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