Berry Farms Lifestyle

Neighborhood Pools

Within walking distance of the residences in Town Center is a pool designed in a park-like setting, with a touch of history, for leisure, relaxation, and play. The Plunge is a great spot to connect with family and neighbors. A second pool is in the plans, with an estimated opening of Summer 2018.


Our pool in Hughes Mill is called The Plunge in honor of former Williamson County landmark, Willow Plunge. Willow Plunge was located just off Lewisburg Pike in Franklin from 1924-1966, not far from where The Plunge is now. Willow Plunge was one of the largest pools in the South and was considered the best place to be each summer. The pool house at The Plunge at Berry Farms includes pictures from Willow Plunge and farm tables and chairs made from the reclaimed wood of the original barns on the property. This bit of history preserved at The Plunge is another way Berry Farms is striving to honor the rich history of Franklin, Tennessee.