Community Garden

The Berry Farms Community Garden is a program of the Rural Plains Association of Owners and is located on the grounds of Berry Farms owned by the Rural Plains Association of Owners.

The Berry Farms Community Garden feature 46 raised beds that are 4 feet by 8 feet. The community garden includes compost and mulch areas, a tool shed, irrigation, and necessary watering hoses.

The community garden is an organics-only garden open only to Berry Farms residents.


  • Plot applications must be emailed to Kristen Elder.
  • Prior to gardening, the Association must have a completed Use Agreement and Release and a fee check.
  • Plot Fees
    • Fees: $120 per year (January through December)
    • Plot fees are to be paid by the first day of each year
    • Statements will not be sent. Plot holders are required to pay prior to the deadline. Fees not paid prior to the due date may result in the loss of membership.
    • Payments can be mailed to P.O. Box 17800, Memphis, TN 38187. Payments should be made payable to Rural Plains Association of Owners, noting it is for a Community Garden Plot and including the plot number. Cash and credit cards will not be accepted.

Download the Community Garden Rules.

Download the Application & Use Agreement and Release.