1. A mixed-use, Master-Planned Community – Ok, we keep hearing this term, but what does it really mean? And what’s to love? The mixed-use is simple; Berry Farms is a community that offers a place to live, work, shop, dine, and enjoy life all within a short, walkable distance of each other. Master-planned means it all started with an intentional vision and very specific guidelines that create a vibrant, sustainable community that provides a clear sense of place. Now, what’s not to love about that?!
  2. Conveniently Located and Strategically Situated – Traffic? What traffic? We all want to get out of the traffic sooner or all together! Berry Farms is right off I-65 – a quick turn and we are home or on our way north to Nashville or south to Destin. (Don’t pretend you don’t go there.) Wherever you’re headed, we are situated for easy access and less traffic.
  3. History – Our past doesn’t define us but it certainly can shape our future. The deep historical roots of the Berry family – dating back to the early 1800’s – set the stage for a special place where southern hospitality, a sense of community, and perfect pastoral serenity and beauty would stand the test of time and welcome new generations.
  4. Character and Architecture – Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on. You arrive somewhere and it feels, well, different. We look different and we feel different because we are different. From the picturesque, tree-lined streets to the federal style architecture and classic storefronts, special attention has been given to every detail of our community to create the feel that we call character.  You’ll just know it feels – different.
  5. Front Porch living – Now this is how the south was meant to be enjoyed. This is where we sip sweet tea (or the beverage of your choice), chat about the weather (that will change in about 7 minutes), decorate like we bought out the seasonal section of Hobby Lobby, and nap till we get handed the Honey-Do List. Welcome to the South. Welcome to Berry Farms. Welcome to front porch living.
  6. The Southern Gateway to Franklin – We love Franklin! As residents of Williamson County, none of us are surprised when we hear Franklin continually winning awards such as “Best Towns in TN”, “Greatest Southern Towns”, and “Most Beautiful Towns”. Rich in natural beauty, southern charm, historic battlefield sites and special people, we are proud to be one of the southern gateways into this truly special place we call home.
  7. The Farmers Market at Berry Farms – What’s better then driving to the local farmers market? Well – walking there instead! If you live or work (or both) in Berry Farms, you’re just a short walk away from weekly fresh, seasonal produce and local artisans. From May through October we enjoy a wide variety of local vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, baked goods and more. Homegrown or homemade – find it at the Berry Farms Market – and walk there!
  8. Dog-Walking Friendly – You’re smiling because you already know what this means! Who can resist the friendly tail-wagging pooch taking a stroll with his human on the community trail or playing in the one acre Town Center Park? The Berry Farms office, shopping and residential districts are designed with unique public spaces and trails to connect people with each other and the mixed-use environment. And you might even encounter a tail-wagging pooch along the way.
  9. Live, Work, Shop, Relax – We mentioned this before, but we can’t say it enough – We LOVE this truly one-of-a-kind-community where life can take on a slower, simpler pace. Imagine walking home from work to eat lunch on your front porch, then strolling over to the farmers market in the evening to pick up fresh produce, bread and a pie for dinner, or stopping by one of the local restaurants to enjoy a drink and the breeze on the patio with a neighbor. That’s why we keep repeating ourselves.
  10. More to Come! – And if all this isn’t enough to love, just wait, because we’re just getting started…