Clear the couches, surrender the remotes, and get ready to laugh at all of his jokes—no matter how corny they may be – because Father’s Day is right around the corner.

Father’s Day is all about showing dad just how much he is loved and appreciated; and of course, the gifts. You may be wondering what present to get him this year that you haven’t given him, at least, within the last 3 years. No matter what you give him, he’s at least going to act like he likes it, and he probably has enough picture frames, sweaters, and ties to last him a lifetime or two. So, what do you get the man that has everything?

At Berry Farms, we are all about celebrating family and community. We enjoy making memories and sharing a smile, especially with family. So, we composed a few gift ideas to make this Father’s Day one of the most memorable yet for the family man:

  1. Get the kids to fill out a Questionnaire: You remember Mad Libs don’t you? Have the kids fill one out about dad! It’ll allow him to see all the great things they think about him, and you’ll get a little laugh out of it, too.
  2. Volunteer to assist those in need: Head down to the homeless shelter or the local animal shelter (like Happy Tales Humane in Berry Farms!). Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while spending time with dad.
  3. Whatever Hobby your dad likes, do it with him: If he likes to fish, join him on the lake. A golfer? Play a round of golf with him. It’s all about dad, so do what he enjoys doing with him.
  4. Make a Collage or frame family photos: Put those past picture frames to good use and fill them with pictures of the family. There’s nothing like bringing back old memories and sharing them together as a family. He can even bring them in to work and show them off to his co-workers.
  5. Track your Ancestry: Now this might take a while and be more of a family project, but why not get the ball rolling on Father’s Day? Spend the day teaching the kids, and even yourself for that matter, about where they’ve come from and all the other fathers in the family who helped shape your family. You may be surprised what (or who) you find in the family tree!
  6. Eat Out: Check out the new Sunday Brunch menu at Soulshine Pizza Factory and enjoy a leisurely family meal out (and mom wins too, because she doesn’t have to cook or clean up dishes!).
  7. Do something Artsy: Everyone help paint a picture for the living room or make family tie-dye t-shirts. It’ll look great for a family photo – to use in those old picture frames!
  8. Go outside and get Active: Play a game of catch, toss the pigskin, throw a Frisbee, ride bikes, go on a walk, canoe the Harpeth – just get outside and soak up some sun. (You could even wear your family t-shirts!)
  9. Embark on a Daytrip: Take a drive and go exploring through this great state of Tennessee. See the sights or visit historical landmarks and find out just how much you can learn!
  10. Stop by Polka Dots and Happy Thoughts: Pick up a gift that will surely put a smile on his face. Now open in Berry Farms, this fun gift boutique has something for everyone! You might grab your dad a Yeti or trendy new t-shirt.

These are just a few ideas that can make this year’s father’s day much more intimate and personal rather than simply getting him another tie. If you do try any of these, post a picture and tag us in it. We would love to see how you spent your Father’s Day Berry Farms Style!


By Welton Pride   June 13, 2017