Drumroll please…. We are delighted to announce that Sonic Drive-in will be joining our Berry Farms community! But just like Berry Farms is one of a kind, so is this Sonic.

Battleground Enterprises owns and operates Sonic Drive-Ins in the Williamson County area. Partners John Byrd, Blake Haines, Steve Mann, and David Watson are excited to have their 10th Sonic in Williamson County be located in the Berry Farms development.

And just like all the other buildings in Berry Farms, it will follow the classic architecture and design that we love so much. The unique building design features 28 parking spots and a unique patio area with functional garage doors, which will allow the patio to be used throughout all four seasons.

So get your taste buds ready for delicious food and shakes, and let your friends know that you’re going to be bragging all about it. #WeLoveOurBerryFarms

Fun Fact: In the 1950s, SONIC’s unique use of curbside speakers to allow customers to place food orders without ever leaving their cars, spawned the slogan “SONIC, Service with the Speed of Sound.” In recent years, that slogan has been replaced with “SONIC, America’s Drive-In.”