Names are important, don’t you think? We spend countless hours deciding on names for our children, our pets, even inanimate objects like cars and boats. At Berry Farms, we also think names are important. Much time and thought went into naming the streets that carry you through the neighborhoods, shopping districts and office campuses. In a series of posts, we will share the stories, history and significance of the names that define Berry Farms.

The entire 600 acres of Berry Farms consists of three parcels. The land was owned by the Roberts and Berry families who called the original three parcels Rural Plains, Reams Fleming and Chadwell Place. Rural Plains is the first 200 acres being developed. We also refer to it as Town Center. Reams Fleming is on the ruralplainseast side of I-65 and south of Peytonsville Road. In addition to commercial businesses, residential units and offices, it will be home to Dave Ramsey’s Ramsey Solutions’ 50 acre campus. Chadwell Place is the section on the southwest portion of I-65 and Goose Creek Bypass.

Rural Plains Circle was named for the parcel of land dating back to around 1806 when it was first settled by the Hughes family from Virginia. It hosted the Homeplace and majority of the barns and structures on the property. Hughes Crossing and Hughes Lane pay tribute to the Hughes family.

General Martin Lane takes its name from Brigadier General William “Buck” Martin, a professional soldier who fought with Major General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815 where newly formed United States of America was prevented from being divided down the Mississippi River by Great Britain. He constructed and owned the Homeplace (still located in the northeastern corner of Rural Plains/Town Center) followed by subsequent owners including John & Sally Martin Hughes, Dr. Samuel & Rachel Hughes Henderson, Walter A. & Sallie Ewing Roberts and Tyler and Sara McGavock Roberts Berry, the namesake Berry Farms Crossing and Sara Boulevard on Rural Plains. Kinfolk settled and established Hughes Mills at Hughes Crossing along the Harpeth River. General Martin is buried at Berry Farms in the Martin Hughes Henderson Family Cemetery.

Being intentional in every detail of creating our community is one the reasons BERRY FARMS continues to grow into a truly unique and special place in Franklin, TN. Stay tuned, we have many more street names to cover!


By Lisa Gregory  November 29, 2016