At the turn of the 19th century, a vision for community was built where lives were connected to what was deemed most valuable. A prestigious young man named Colonel “Buck” Martin first settled on the property of Rural Plains, what is now called Berry Farms. Claiming his new home, Colonel Buck convinced his sister Sally Martin Hughes and her husband, John, to visit. Captivated and in awe, Sally and John quickly fell in love with the land and marked middle Tennessee their home. Their vision of pure community soon became a reality. They built a brick home on the property around 1830 which still stands today as one of Williamson County’s great historic homes. With careful preservation, the history of this Franklin home and property will surely be maintained for generations to come.

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Berry Farms fits the perfect philosophy of unique, sustainable community that is environmentally friendly, economically sound, and enhances quality of life.  Located in the heart of Williamson County, Berry Farms creates a walk-able distance to connecting people to work, shopping, restaurants, luxurious residential homes, nature and local leisure events.

The sleek, safe, and intentional street design, walkways, bike paths and trails connect the various neighborhoods within the Berry Farms community.  From a structural standpoint, details are sure to matter. Berry Farms has strong architectural quality and ensures the design will stand the test of time. It’s based on traditional attributes with an exceptional green space environment. The heart and soul of Berry Farms consists of close-knit lifestyle, residential life, office and retail space, and beautiful land which blends seamlessly on pedestrian-friendly streets.

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Locals and visitors will find farmers markets, grocery stores, live music, festivals, and family friendly events that will keep you occupied and create a sense of lasting community. One will be impressed by the natural beauty of Franklin’s rolling hills, surrounding farms, and southern hospitality. What was once a vision for community is now a unique blend of history, progress, and small-town charm. Berry Farms welcomes everyone from all backgrounds. Where community meets small-town-feel, you immediately feel a sense of belonging. For anyone who plans to take a visit, instead, you may just find a new place to call home.