As a subsidiary of the San Antonio, Texas-based Payment Data Systems, Singular Payments has found the ideal location in its new office suite in Berry Farms.

For one thing, the company’s chairman and managing partner, Vaden Landers, has lived in the Greater Nashville area for over 20 years. For another, he said, “we wanted to be in Nashville because it’s huge in payments and a huge market for health care companies. We do payments for health care companies so we wanted to be where the market is.”

To celebrate the new Franklin location for Singular Payments, Williamson Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting Thursday that was attended by company employees, clients and chamber ambassadors. The company opened its doors in Berry Farms on March 1.

“This opening is very exciting,” Landers said. “We are expanding our sales team to include the professionals at this location who will help facilitate setting up merchant accounts for batch on-boarded software partner’s end-users.”

Payment Data Systems is a full-service electronic payments provider operating successfully for 20 years that owns subsidiaries including not only Singular Payments LLC, but also Payfac in a Box, Akimbo Card, Ficentiv and ZBill. It is the leading ACH processor in the U.S. with over $3 billion in ACH transactions processed per year.

Some of its services are end-to-end flat rate payment processing, including custom payments software integrations, ACH processing, prepaid card programs and more.

“We work with businesses to build custom electronic payments solutions,” Landers said.  “We have a unique understanding of business needs when it comes to getting paid and the technology to make your customers’ payment experience flawless.”

Originally published in the Williamson Herald